Title insurance agreement, two men shaking hands.

Traditional insurance policies protect the client against future losses, such as car insurance protecting the driver from a future possible accident, or health insurance protecting the client from future possible health problems. Title insurance, however, is a bit different, as it protects the insured against claims for events in the past. There are typically two different types of people who purchase title insurance; real estate owners and lenders. A lender would choose to purchase title insurance in order to protect their security interest in the property. A home or property owner would want title insurance to protect their investment in the property. Title insurance requires an extensive title search of the property to minimize any potential liability to the property owners by uncovering any past title issues. Common types of title insurance claims include errors in the public record, undiscovered liens, omitted heirs, and in some cases fraud. Also, getting a title check will ensure there are no current legal claims against the property, including encumbrances such as liens, mortgages, or anything else that makes the property unable to transferred legally. In short, once a client has purchased and taken ownership of a property, title insurance defends the current owner from any litigation that challenges the validity and legality of the home or property owner. Title insurance is a very valuable and important protection for homeowners; and here at American Title Insurance Agency, we can ensure the best title insurance available to our clients, all for very reasonable costs. We help our clients understand exactly what the title insurance will mean for them and give them accurate and current information regarding their new home or property.