Beautiful House For Sale

The day you sell your property or home is a very important day financially. Regardless if you are using your profits to buy a new home or for other financial reasons, American Secure Title Insurance Agency will ensure a smooth closing process. There are, however, some things clients can do to contribute to the process going as expected. The actual purpose of the closing is for the buyer and seller to transfer important legal documents, and the money agreed upon for the transaction, so that you, as the seller can transfer the ownership and possession of the property to the buyer. Sometimes a closing can be referred to as a “settlement” because the seller, together with the buyer, the buyer’s lender, the sales agents, and the seller’s lender, are “settling up” financially. Meaning as the seller, you will also pay off any loans still associated with the home or property as well as paying your Realtor and anyone else who assisted you with your sale and with the closing process. Prior to the actual closing, be sure to complete any previously agreed upon home repairs or needed action to clear the title. Doing this will ensure the closing can happen on time and with no unanticipated problems. Unlike those who are buying property, sellers may not physically need to attend the closing, it is dependent upon the documents that need to be signed. You are officially considered finished with the closing process when the lender and other lien holders and service providers pay you your sale proceeds, place the deed (and the buyer’s mortgage if any) for recording with the county recorder of deeds, and gives all other transfer documents to the buyer. After this has been done, you are no longer the owner of the home or the property, and would at this point give all keys, garage door openers, and any other devices associated with the home to the buyer.