House under construction

Buying a new home or property is exciting, and at American Secure Title Insurance Agency we will ensure a smooth closing process, however, there are some things clients can do to contribute to the process going as expected. At the closing, you will participate in a couple key steps such as: signing legal documents, and paying any closing costs/escrow fees. The documents that will need to be signed fall into two categories, the agreement between you and your lender regarding the terms of your mortgage, and the agreement between you and the seller where ownership will be transferred to you. Your professional Escrow Officer will assist you with knowing where to sign and what exactly the documents are saying, making this process stress free for our clients. Be sure to bring two forms of identification with you to the closing; most government issued documentation will work, such as a driver’s license or a passport. Loan officers may require other documents, so be sure to collect all necessary documents prior to the closing so it can continue in a timely manner. Buyers will also want to be sure there are no large changes to their finances prior to closing day in case of any necessary final checks that may be done by the lender. Our closing agents will ensure all the proper documents are signed correctly, properly recorded, and that all closing payments and escrow fees are paid in full and distributed, making it much easier for our clients. Once the seller has signed their portion of the paperwork, you will receive the keys to your new home and can begin the exciting process of moving in!