House key in door, real estate

As the closing is the final step in the real estate transaction, it is important that the closing goes according to plan and all the documents are accurate. At American Secure Title Insurance Agency, we work closely with Realtors to ensure the closing happens just as expected. During the closing, the seller will transfer ownership of the property or home over to the buyer. The seller will receive any proceeds they earned from the sell of the home, and the buyer will have the long-anticipated ability to move into their home or begin building on their new property. Generally finding the perfect home or property for a buyer takes several months, making this closing an exciting moment for all parties involved, including the Real Estate Agent who has worked so hard to please their own client. A Realtor is very important in the buying and selling process, and the closing itself is no different. The Real Estate Agent should ensure that all the correct documents are included in the closing package that the buyers will sign. Although one of our professional closing attorneys will review the documents for legal accuracy, it is the Real Estate Agent’s job to ensure that the terms of the sale are correct and all the documents pertaining to the property are accurate. If there are any issues with “defects with the property”, a Real Estate Agent would assist in resolving the problem. Realtors are also the ones who will notify all the participants of the closing date, time, and location and arrange for the buyer to do a final walkthrough of the property or home. We understand the importance of Real Estate Agents here at American Secure Title Insurance Agency and look forward to helping all Realtors assist their clients in a professional environment.