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American Secure Title Announces Acquisition of Salt Lake Based Landmark Title

Salt Lake City; American Secure Title is proud to announce its acquisition of Landmark Title Company, a Salt Lake City based title agency. The acquisition joins together two family owned agencies, each with a long history of success in the Utah market. Landmark will continue to operate under the same name, although the two agencies have begun to merge their operations. This will give customers and clients of both companies’ immediate access to offices and industry experts throughout the entire State of Utah.

For over 30 years, Landmark has been an industry leader in closing commercial and residential real estate transactions, primarily along the Wasatch Front. Under the leadership of company president, Jeff Jensen, Landmark has been trusted to handle many prominent commercial and residential projects, earning its reputation within the real estate, mortgage, and legal industries as a highly respected title agency, with a knowledgeable and professional staff capable of handling title work and closings for any type of real estate transaction.

Speaking about the acquisition, Jeff Jensen, former president of Landmark said, “As I considered my retirement, we were particularly concerned about bringing in someone who was going to be able to continue what we’ve built at Landmark, and I feel confident we’ve found that with American Secure.” Jeff continued, “I think it’s going to be great for our clients. They’ll still be able to work with the same staff and close at the same locations they’re accustomed to. But, now the staff will also be able to handle title work and closings throughout Utah with the same level of care our clients are used to at Landmark.”

Chase Phillips, general manager for American Secure said, “The growth in Utah’s real estate industry right now is wonderful for the entire state, and it’s exciting to be involved in that every day. We believe title agencies play a very important role in Utah’s growth and in helping homeowners and developers feel secure when they invest in real estate here. We’re so excited for our American Secure family to grow right along with the rest of the state.” Phillips added, “We believe it takes having the best people on staff to offer the best service to our clients. The staff at Landmark are known throughout our industry as being some of the very best in the state. We’re so happy to welcome them to the American Secure family.”

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Teach Your Clients About Possible Wire Fraud Schemes

Wire fraud schemes are on the rise in the Real Estate industry and homeowners are becoming a primary target for fraudsters at an alarming rate. This short video provides some very helpful tips on what you and your clients should do when Buying, Selling or Refinancing their home. Share this with your clients to help keep them safe.

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AST Is Seeking Escrow Officers For Our New Layton Office!

American Secure Title Insurance Agency and the Phillips Family are looking for established Escrow Officers and/or Escrow Assistants to help us launch our new office in Layton! Come partner with AST and help us take care of our amazing clients in Davis County, and let us help take care of yours, so you can continue to build your business. AST is committed to building on the legacy of service begun by Gary Phillips when he opened the first American Secure office in Logan in 1998. We need Escrow Officers committed to the same ideals of superior customer service and a drive to succeed as we are. If you would like the opportunity to expand and grow your Escrow career, then we would love to show you how we can help you accomplish that growth together. Follow the link to our Careers page to upload your resume.

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Learn About the New TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosures

The new TILA/RESPA Integrated Mortgage Disclosure Rule goes into effect October 3rd, 2015.

Realtors, if you haven’t had a chance to attend one of our 2 hour CORE Classes on the new Disclosures, please contact your Marketing Rep or Escrow Officer to schedule one for your Brokerage.

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American Secure Title’s Tremonton Office is Moving

Tremonton Office Announcement

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AST Welcomes New Title Officer, Shawn Pickett, To Tremonton

We are excited to formally announce the addition of Shawn Pickett to our staff as our Title Officer in our Tremonton office. Shawn is licensed in both Title and Escrow and is also a licensed Notary Public for the State of Utah. He has been in the title insurance business since 1998 and has gathered a wealth of industry experience and knowledge. Shawn will be a great asset to the people of Box Elder County and we’re very lucky to have him join our team. He will be working in our Logan office until February and will then move over to our Tremonton location. Please join us in welcoming Shawn.

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The Brigham Office does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

American Secure Title Does an Epic ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! We have chosen to do the challenge and donate to the ALS Foundation. We nominate Bank of Utah Brigham City Branch, The Box Elder County Recorders Staff, Martell Dansie, USU/Goldenwest CU Brigham City, and All-American Real Estate.

View the video here:  Ice Bucket Challenge

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Title Companies in Utah must have “Good Funds” before they can record and disburse on a real estate transaction.  So, what are good funds?  It is money that has been received into the title company’s account that has been collected and cleared.

The issue at hand with good funds is the time it takes for the funds to be considered, “collected and cleared”.  Most buyers and sellers are anxious to close the transaction and either move in (buyer) or receive their seller proceeds $money$ (seller).  A title company cannot record the deeds before they’ve received and cleared funds because they must verify that those funds and in their account so that they can “disburse funds”, meaning they can pay all the parties in the transaction who are due to be paid.

So, what is the best way to smoothly and quickly close and fund?  WIRES!  When a title company receives funds via wire those funds are “good funds” immediately.  The next best option is a cashier’s check, but this must be deposited into the account and sit overnight.  Also, any amount over $10,000 MUST be wired.

So…wiring funds is best.  It’s the quickest and safest way to handle the real estate closing & funding process.  Be sure to ask your title company for their wiring instructions prior to closing and verify that information to avoid any delays at the closing or at time of funding.

We hope you find this Title Tip helpful and we look forward to helping you on your next transaction!



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American Secure Title and Box Elder Title Announce Merger

American Secure Title Insurance Agency is excited to announce that it has merged with Box Elder Land Title Insurance Agency, effective as of July 21, 2014. As Susie Pugsley and Brent Kirkland, of Box Elder Land Title, retire from the business, Glenda Probst will be joining Jenny Goring and her team, of American Secure Title, who will handle all of the escrow and title business for the two companies. Jenny has been an extremely successful licensed Escrow Officer and Manager for American Secure Title in Tremonton for 11 years. Susie, Glenda and their team at Box Elder Land Title have appreciated wonderful community support for their business over the past 15 years and are excited to know their clients needs will continue to be taken care of in the future.

Susie & Jenny have had tremendous success because of their commitment to take every client’s need personally. This merger brings the advantages of combined impeccable service, multiple offices across the State of Utah and increased underwriting choices to the clients of Box Elder Land Title. Having additional underwriting options ensures the most competitive rates through one of four national underwriters, Stewart Title, First American, Fidelity, and Westcor.

Any client who has closed in the past with Box Elder Land Title, may qualify for discounts in their rates on future policies. These discounts will be honored by American Secure Title, and all past clients are encouraged to take advantage, by requesting their next policy be issued through American Secure Title when they sell or refinance their home.

We are proud of these home-town title professionals & their accomplishments in the business community.  We will continue to offer excellent customer service and look forward to serving the community for many years to come. Please feel free to drop by the American Secure Title office located at 805 West Main St., Suite A, in Tremonton or call either of the listed numbers for Box Elder Land Title at (435) 257-5149 or American Secure Title at (435) 257-5176, or visit with questions regarding your real estate title & escrow needs.

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Title Tip: How to Extend Coverage Under an Owners Policy

Your title policy never expires! How great is that? However, as with all Insurance product’s, there are situations in which coverage can be invalidated. This generally occurs with an Owner’s Policy when the insured changes title. Homeowners often transfer their property to a Family Trust, or an LLC. When this happens, coverage under the title policy is invalidated, because the policy is limited to cover a natural person, or the names shown on schedule A only.

To extend coverage, a home owner simply needs to ask for an endorsement to their policy. If they had a “Homeowner’s Policy” issued by First American Title Insurance, they can purchase a “Deletion of Natural Person” endorsement (DNP), that allows them to transfer the coverage under the policy to their Trust or LLC, as long as they are the only principles. If they had an “Owner’s Policy” or “Homeowner’s policy” issued by any other underwriter, they can purchase a CLTA 107.9 endorsement (additional insured). This allows them to add another name to their title policy coverage, such as a son, or a spouse being added to title after the purchase. If they use this endorsement to add an entity, they must be the only principles.

For example, John Doe and Jane Doe are the original insured under a “Homeowner’s Policy” issued by First American Title, and they deed their property to J&J Doe LLC. If they purchase the DNP endorsement, and they are the principles of J&J Doe LLC, then J&J Doe LLC is now covered under that same policy.

The important thing to remember in these situations, is that these endorsements are not intended to facilitate the extension of coverage for any type of purchase transaction. That’s why the original owners must be the sole principles of any entity. This endorsement will not extend coverage to an entity in which John and Jane Doe are principles with any other individual. Its meant to help ensure coverage is not invalidated for the original insured should they choose to create a Trust, or a business entity. If the property is sold, a new policy must be purchased.

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